How To Check Video Memory in Windows XP

If a video card does not have enough processing speed or internal memory, your video games are likely to choke or crash. But most video cards do not indicate on the card just how much memory they contain.

It is very easy to determine which brand of video card is installed in a Windows XP PC, and how much on-board memory it contains. Most leading-edge video games produced today require a robust video card with a fast processor and at least 256 megabytes of onboard memory.

If you are having problems running a new video game, first check the game requirements to see if a special type of video card is required. That will usually also tell you how much video memory is required. If your graphics card does not meet the minimum requirement, it is time to upgrade the card.

The following simple steps will answer your questions.

  1. Right-click on the Windows XP desktop and select Properties from the selection box.
  2. Select the Settings tab on the Display Properties dialogue box, then select the Advanced button.
  3. Select the Adapter tab. The details for your video card should appear, along with the amount of video memory (Memory Size) on the card.

video memory in Windows XP